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Main kinds of activity

  • Experimental and theoretical research of working processes in boilers
  • Improvement of technical and operational level of steam turbine units, gas turbine units and power units as well
  • Investigation of the influence of heat power units on the environment
  • Development and improving of technologies of water-preparation and water-chemical operation mode
  • Study of thermo-physical properties of actuating mediums and materials used in power plants
  • Research and assessment of a resource of metal in boilers, turbines and pipelines
  • Study of physical-chemical characteristics and thermal properties of solid and liquid fuel
  • Analysis of the fuel mode of power plants, study of physical and chemical characteristics as well as thermotechnical properties of solid and liquid fuels
  • Automation of technological processes in power industry
  • Developing of bases of technologies for modern power system
  • Performing research works and services related to the operation and development of heat supply systems