About All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute

JSC «All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute» (JSC «VTI») was created in 1921 as the first Russian research Institute in the field of heat engineering. Since the establishing it became a national center of fundamental and applied science in power and thermal engineering. Having advanced experimental-technical base and qualified personnel, JSC «VTI» carry out unique scientific research for power industry. It has been cooperating with the largest Russian and foreign companies and institutes. JSC «VTI» takes an active part in modernization of Russian power industry by developing and introducing of new technologies. The Institute performs research works on increasing reliability, efficiency and durability of power equipment and environmental protection. JSC «VTI» is a coordinator of the Technological platform « Environmentally Clean Thermal Power Generation of High Efficiency». The quality management  system implemented in JSC «VTI» is certified on compliance to the international standard of the ISO 9001.