Dear Colleagues

The present stage of socio-economic development of Russia poses to energy a number of strategic challenges, including the important role and place of sectoral energy science.

Of paramount importance is the task of designing and creating a wide range of domestic power equipment, effectively using the full range of national energy resources - gas, coal, renewable resources, and nuclear energy.

Issues of distributed and small autonomous power development, security of energy supply of the Crimea and the Arctic areas in our country today are key.

Start-up and development of the wholesale electricity market, competition and change in the internal situation of generating facilities require in the coming years to increase indigenous technical and economic performance, and reliability of thermal power plants. To create a new technology, its development and efficient operation requires serious research and innovative science and technology solutions.

Much work on the analysis and forecasting of scientific and technological development of the electric power industry, the development of innovative development programs and technology policies of large domestic companies carried out by JSC “VTI”.

On current trends the rising cost of fossil fuels, tightening environmental regulations now need increased attention to research advanced processes and technologies, such as the use of coal gasification in a vocational school, processes and systems to bind and remove CO2, hybrid plants with fuel cells, the development of rational modes of operation and control algorithms, etc.

In these areas, the Institute develops integrated projects for implementation in the domestic energy sector, including:

-          All-modal combined cycle plant 20-25 MW and power supply in small towns and urban areas

-          High modulus combined-cycle plant for use in the variable part of the load curve

-          Coal-fired thermal power station of the new generation

-          Optimal scheme of power supply cities, etc.

Scientific justification for the design and development of new coal-fired generating units at supercritical steam parameters suggests a sharp increase in research and development of Coal, the coal-preparation and consumption, low emission combustion of coal in furnaces and circulating fluidized bed, sulfur, a nitrogen and ash treatment of flue gases. New solutions are needed for thermal circuits of power, structures of the basic units of boilers and steam turbines.

Technical re-equipment of domestic thermal power plants, the implementation of new energy technologies will take time, during which the continued operation of existing power plants, with all their problems and the growing aging. It is important to hold station tests to ensure reliable and economical operation of the gas turbine and steam generator and the study of their performance; rationalization schemes and methods of integration into the existing gas turbine power plant with a maximum use of existing equipment, work aimed at improving the repair technologies on the basis of the promising methods for the application of coatings (thermal barrier, wear and corrosion resistant), new materials (nanostructured, quasi-crystalline) and chemical treatment technologies surfaces and coolants.

JSC "VTI" has being actively working to develop and advance in the practice of new technologies needed domestic energy, speaking also as a technical expert and advisor clients in the implementation of the new construction, modernization and repair of existing equipment. Therefore, one of the important activities - carrying out the price and technological audit of large investment projects.

Our Institute is the organization coordinating the Technology Platform "Environmentally friendly thermal power industry of high efficiency", takes part in the drafting industry and federal programs, expanding cooperation with research, production and leading educational centers of the country for innovative energy development.

We believe that activities of VTI on all relevant areas in the present conditions will be in demand and will contribute to the development of domestic energy.

General director JSC "VTI"
Mr. Boris Reutov