October 02-03, 2018 IV INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL CONFERENCE Use of solid fuels for efficient and environmentally friendly production of electricity and heat


Use of solid fuels for efficient and environmentally friendly production of
electricity and heat

October 02-03, 2018
14 Avtozavodskaya str., All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute (JSC «VTI»), Moscow, Russia

Organized by
JSC «VTI» as national Russian center of fundamental and applied science in thermal engineering held the Conference on coal energy problems for over 10 years. It is a basic playground of meeting and view exchanging with various kinds of specialists of power industry.  
With the support of
  Electricity Council of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)
About the Conference
Solid fuels, especially coal is of great importance for electricity and heat production. According to the estimation of International Energy Agency (IEA) near 40 % of the world's electricity have been generated by coal combustion in power plants. As future perspective of coal energy it will be determined by development of environmentally friendly and high efficiently technologies of coal combustion.
The Conference will allow you to get to know new modern developments, techniques, valuable information.
Scope and purpose of the Conference
- To evaluate the status and prospects for the development of efficient and environmentally friendly coal technologies.
- To identify priority R&D areas and topics.
- To promote the deployment of achievements from innovative projects on solid fuels-based electricity and heat production.
- To support technical and economic cooperation, including international relations.
- To contribute to staff training and awareness.
- To stimulate talented young specialists to participate in advanced research and development activities.
Target Audience
The Conference welcomes: experts in solid fuels energy production, power companies, equipment manufacturers, research organizations, business and scientific community, representatives of federal and regional authorities government and independent expert organizations, both domestic and international.
The Conference offers participants following opportunities
- Upgrade information about world markets, latest achievements.
- To learn more about modern equipment and developments.
- To get to know about advanced researches and technologies.
- To take part in discussions for very hot topics of coal energy.
- To have meetings and experience exchange with colleagues.
- Go forward with new ideas and possibilities.
Issues for consideration in frames of the Conference sessions
1. Coal-fired power industry in Russia and around the world:
- current status, prospects and development strategies;
- R&D priorities and research areas.
2. Large coal-fired power units: the current state and prospects for development, ways to improve their steam and efficiency parameters:
- recent developments in design of coal-fired boilers;
- ways for increasing the steam parameters and efficiency of coal-fired boilers;
- best practices in operating coal-fired boilers with improved performance characteristics.
3. Thermal power plant retrofitting and upgrading. Possible technical solutions and approaches, practical experience in fuels switching and wastes combustion:
- best practices in coal-fired power plant retrofitting and upgrading;
- lessons learnt from deployment of 225-800 MW power units in Russia;
- combustion of alternative-to-initially-designed fuels (low-grade coal), including combustion of coal and waste mixtures.
4. CFB technology for efficient and environmentally safe combustion of solid fuels:
- current status of CFB technology and further development trends;
- large CFB units with high steam parameters;
- operational features of CFB boilers burning low-grade fuels and waste.
5. Solid fuels processing and gasification – challenges and prospects for technology deployment:
- current status of coal gasification technologies and further development trends;
- practical experience in operating advanced coal gasification facilities.
6. Reduction of the negative environmental impacts from coal-fired plants. Advanced technologies to minimize pollutant emissions, inter alia green gas emissions:
- environmental requirements for thermal power plants and their enforcement (the recent status in Russia and around the world);
- improvements in flue gas purification techniques for capturing particles, sulfur and nitrogen oxides;
- production of commercial products (gypsum, pure sulfur);
- international programs on CO2 capture and storage and their implementation;
- recent developments in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
During sessions of the Conference, debates and discussions on the main topics will be developed. Participants can exchange by views on the most important and required issues for power companies and equipment producers.
 Mini-Exhibition of technologies, materials and equipment
Fair of the equipment, materials and technologies will open its work during the Conference. At the Conference Exhibition participants can present researches, equipment, advertising materials and useful information.
 Language of the Conference
Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English. Conference papers and materials are accepted on both languages. Every of the conference sessions will be accompanied by simultaneous translation.
 Conditions of participation in the Conference
For participation please fill the Application Formand send it by e-mail: seminar@vti.ru.
The registration fee for all participants is 18 000 Rubles (250 EUR), including VAT.
Additional options and possibilities for organizations and companies indicated in the Application Form.
Application Form load by link: /----link to Application Form in Word/
Please pay attention! Participation in the Conference is possible only after signing the Contract and the Invoice (in two copies) by participant and transferring the payment (registration fee).
 Registration deadline and submissions
Submission of abstracts and preliminary registration – until August 20, 2018.
Supplying with full paper (in Russian and English languages) – until August 31, 2018.
Registration of participants (without paper or presentation) - until September 21, 2018.
For more information about the Conference use VTI website www.vti.ru
phone: + 7 (495) 137-77-70 (# 26-41)
e-mail: GARyabov@vti.ru