October 26-27, 2017 II International Scientific - Technical Conference “Perspectives of development of new technologies in Russian power industry”


II International Scientific - Technical Conference

“Perspectives of development of new technologies in Russian power industry”

October 26-27, 2017
JSC “VTI”, 14 Avtozavodskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Organizer: JSC “VTI”
 Sponsor: LLC «Gazprom Energoholding»
About Conference

This year the event is held in the framework of celebration of the 130th anniversary of Leonid Ramzin, the Founder and first Director of VTI. (Leonid Ramzin was the inventor of the first Russian straight-through boiler of a special design (“Ramzin boiler”) he made a significant contribution to the creation, formation and development of the domestic heat engineering school) as well as in the framework of the “Year of Ecology in Russia”.

At present time the most important issues for Russian power industry are the following: energy saving, improvement and optimization of technological processes, economy use of resources for production of electric and heat energy, transition to the best available technologies, waste management. Apart, problems of increasing the reliability and safety of equipment, development of existing and looking of new effective technologies became more relevant in the face of rising environmental requirements to the energy production, development and implementation of local gas cleaning units.

The key discussion points at the Conference - new achievements of leading scientists and engineers, both Russian and foreign organizations in the field of heat power engineering, improving of scientific relations and business contacts between leading experts and organizations worldwide who active in this field.

The aim
The aim of the VTI Conference - is to discuss new developments and researchers of leading scientists and engineers, both Russian and foreign organizations in the field of power engineering, including the framework of the Federal Governmental Program "Research and development on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020". The Conference considers of the world experience of development of new technologies in the energy sector, and contributes to the increasing scientific relations and business contacts between professionals and organizations of different countries working in this field.
To participants
For participation in the Conference we invite all the relevant specialists: representatives of power companies, equipment producers, universities, Federal and regional authorities, business and scientific community, government and independent expert organizations,including international ones.
Main issues
  • Problems and perspectives of the development of energy industry.
  • High-efficient clean coal and gas technologies.
  • Energy equipment development, construction and operation issues.
  • District Heating. Modern experience in construction and modernization of heat supply systems. Co-generation.
  • Effective systems for cleaning and utilization of power plant harmful emissions.
  • Actual status and perspectives for development of renewable energy sector in Russia and abroad.
  • Atomic power industry. Present vision, experience and perspectives.
  • New power technologies. Hydrogen energy. Energy storage systems.
  • Intellectual power system.
  • Modern energy equipment.
Special session
 It is planned to be held during the conference a special session “Modern tasks of environmental protection at energy and other industrial plants in Russia” within the framework of implementation of the Executive Order of the President of RF of January 5, 2016 No.7 “On Holding the Year of the Environment in the Russian Federation in 2017.
Main themes of the Session:
  • Actual aspects of the Environmental Law of Russian Federation.
  • Transition to the Best Available Technologies, issue of the Information-Technological Handbooks.
  • The development, implementation and operation experience of new efficient gas cleaning units.
  • Environmentally safe and high-performance processes of coal and gas power generation.
  • Problems with utilization of ash and slag wastes and ways of their solution.
Exhibition of technologies
The Conference Program will include several review Reports reflecting the present situation in the development of new energy technologies in the Russian Federation and abroad. It also contains practical focused Report, covering the issues of testing and operating experience of technical solutions in the power industry. The conference will consist of: sessions with presentations and reports, discussions and mini-exhibition.
Conditions of participation in the Conference

Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.
Conference papers and proceedings are accepted on both languages.
For foreign participants English –Russian translation will be organized.

For participation please fill the Application Form and send it to the address seminar@vti.ru
The registration fee for participants is 250 EUR, including VAT.
Additional options and possibilities for organizations and companies indicated in the Application Form.
Application Form load by link

Deadline of sending materials for publishing Abstract/ Report – till September 25, 2017.
Terms of sending of Application Form for the registration participants without Report – till October 11, 2017.
Reports extracted by organizing committee will be published in Program and Conference Paper Book.

Requirements to the form of Reports

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