Boiler and Furnace Div (OPT)

Development of:

  • once-through boilers generating supercritical and ultra supercritical steam;
  • furnace-burner arrangements with the aim of efficient combustion of diverse fuels, minimizing furnace pollutant formation, ash deposits, slag, and heating surface corrosion;
  • pulverized-coal systems;
  • high-density pulverized-coal feed systems;
  • boiler surface cleaning systems;
  • technological methods of NOx reduction;
  • recommendations concerning the creation of integrated coal gasification combined-cycle plants (IGCC plants);
  • technical proposals on ash-and-slag extraction, storage and utilization technologies for both existing and newly constructed TPSs;
  • boiler plants for the incineration of biomass, household and manufacturing wastes;
  • heat recovery steam generators (HRSGS), including HRSGS for combined-cycle plants (CCPs);
  • cycle arrangements and starting circuits of boiler plants;
  • technological algorithms for the control of boiler plant’ equipment;
  • designs of fire fighting, fuel preparation and fuel supply systems;
  • standard technical documentation (standards, techniques, rules, norms and operating instructions).

Upgrade of operation of boiler plants at TPSs, burning fossil fuels, biomass, wastes of different kinds, including household wastes.

Carrying-out of

  • experimental and designed-analytical investigation of: physical properties and explosibility of solid fuels; coal burning and gasification processes and systems; CO2 capture; corrosion processes; slagging; hydraulics and heat-mass exchange in boiler equipment heating surfaces; ash-and-slag composition and properties, the degree of their environmental hazard;
  • commissioning works, commercial tests and investigations in the course of mastering equipment and technologies of new types, warranty testing of boiler plants.

Survey of boiler equipment, development and investigation of boiler plant flexibility, including their ability to unload and startup at sliding pressure; optimization of steam-water and air-gas flow paths; increasing reliability of circulating and separating systems; boiler change-over to nondesigned solid fuels; the mastering of nontraditional gaseous fuel burning.

Expertise and certification of the equipment, expertise of the industrial safety of boilers and boiler equipment.

Preparation and expertise of the feasibility reports of investment projects; participation in the projects on new construction and technical re-equipment of operating TPS, working-out of technical specifications technical specifications on new equipment.